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    Formally, the culture of my organisation is very liberal in terms of work-life balance: there is very soft controls the working hours, arrival and departure time and leave during working hours for private reasons. However, there are some implicit problems, e.g.:
    – The expectations in terms of work out of working hours, in particular at the moment of higher work load. Implicitly, people are expected to read their mails in the evening or during week-ends. This is a very difficult aspect, because the responsibilities are not entirely in the hand of the leading person, but in a whole system where many crucial things are linked to deadlines. How to deal with this ?
    – The number of publications is traditionally a major criteria used for the promotion and accession to permanent positions. This is fundamentally unfair, giving much less chances to women who are more likely to ask parental leave, to restrict their hours for family duties, or just are exhausted by the double shift including their research work and the housework management. Young mother researchers are confronted by the concurrence of their male colleagues, including the ones having no familial duties at all and considered as “very good elements” in view of the amount of work preformed. This is a very difficult problem to tackle, as long as management is biased by gender stereotypes making them ignore the actual involvement in unpaid work.

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