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    I am a PhD student at the London School of Economics. There are many aspects of the UK welfare system, which do not make life of parents easy (e.g. high costs of early institutional childcare). There are also many problems with a structure of British academia, the lives of young (especially post-PhD) researchers are very unstable and it make the decisions to become parents very hard. On the organisational level, I think that one of the important problems is a culture of not talking about private lives at work. It means that for most of the faculty in my department, I do not know if they have children, so it would be hard to make a small talk over tea with a female-researcher about challenges of becoming a mother. There are some policies and institutional help for parents, but they are usually not well communicated. I only learned about a nursery, because there was a protest when it was closed due to covid (as I understand closed before it was demanded by public guidance).

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