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    10 days of paid time-off for emergency situations regarding childcare or care of other dependants (e.g. old partents). If emergency situation happen the employee is able to take time-off calling by phone to his/her manager and asking for 1 or 2 days time-off. The limit of such days-off could be 10 per year.

    Voichita Radu

    I agree that the emergency time are more than necessary and announcing your head of department by phone or message or mail must be enough. Of course, the limits of such emergency time must exist: 2 weeks per year perhaps could be ok.


    Should such demands be documented somehow? How to balance between the credit to the employee and the verification of such demands made by phone only?
    Are our pets “dependands”. I see that lots of my collegues are really exhousted with the time they spend with their ill dogs or cats – for example taking them to the vet etc.? I think they should be treated as dependants…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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