Ana Fuentes

I agree with letting people choose between attending in person or online. However, from the perspective of a professor, I do believe online teaching can be more challenging, especially for mothers who teach in the afternoons/nights once the school is over and have to sometimes interrupt their professional activity to attend their domestic responsibilities.

I also believe the pandemic has made people more prone to staying home and I think staying home too much can be a detrimental to our physical and mental health (we connect less with the outside world, we exercise less, we socialize less, we become more sedentary…). In the end, not separating the work space from the home space can be harmful and negatively affect our productivity and our ability to absorb knowledge. And spending most of our time in front of a screen is not great for professors or students.

Having said that, I do believe that educational institutions should offer accommodation for students with difficulties (mothers, fathers, caretakers, people who have jobs on top of being students, people with disabilities, etc.), but I can’t help but see the contradictions it entails.