In Italy, the “UN.I.RE – Universit√† in rete contro la violenza di genere” project is very active in these months.
Many activities are:

Information. I. Gathering information on research and training activities carried out in the various universities. II. Collecting information on ongoing research activities; III. Enhancing best practices at the local level; IV. Supporting dissemination / awareness raising events, in collaboration with media and communication experts.
Formation. I. Ad hoc programs addressed to students in university graduate, masters and doctoral courses. II. Multidisciplinary training courses for professionals employed in both the public and private sector. III. Life-long learning courses for those who already work in the field of preventing and combating gender-based violence.
Research. Encouraging researchers interested in the analysis of the phenomenon as well as in the elaboration of prevention strategies through thesis, seminars and publications.
Third mission. Increasing initiatives with local authorities, civil society associations and anti-violence centres.
International collaboration. Cooperation with European institutions (starting from the Council of Europe), international universities and research centres.

You may read a presentation in English at this link: https://unire.unimib.it/wp-content/uploads/sites/54/2019/01/Introduction-UNIRE-ENG.pdf