Anna Gredzinska

At the University of Warsaw where I work, we do have anti-sexual harassment policy in place. What has already been adopted is:
– the Anti-Discrimination Procedure allowing for formal complaint proceedings: secure reporting and combating sexual harassment and discrimination both by the person who experienced discrimination, and by the management of the unit
– the Guide on combating sexual harassment at the UW aiming to familiarize the UW community with the definition of sexual harassment and various examples of this unlawful phenomenon, to convey that these are discriminatory activities and to emphasize that all their forms are not allowed at the UW. The Guide also inform people who have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment about the possible action that can be taken emphasizing that consequences will be brought against perpetrators
– Gender Equality Plan for the UW which is a horizontal and holistic documents foreseeing actions/measures, indicators and the timeline to compete/evaluate these actions. Some of the actions/measures concern fighting sexual harassment and GBV.

Aside of the above mentioned, UW has established Rector’s Commission for the Prevention of Discrimination and Anti-mobbing Commission, the Student Rights Ombudsman, as well as a team of consultants on sexual violence at the University of Warsaw Student Government Board.

UW has conducted numerous awareness raising actions concerning sexual harassment:
Eg. Conferences, on-line events, un updated vision of leaflets about equality and antidiscrimination at the UW has been widely distributed.

There are also courses and trainings concerning how to tackle the problem of sexual harassment:
– the Equality Course is a general university subject that appeared at the University of Warsaw’s offer in 2019 (for students and staff)
– training for disciplinary committee members
– training for Student Government Board