Monika Lesiak-Manka

You need to know your own needs. Only you yourself can decide what kind of balance is right for you. Only then – after you’ve determined what needs to change – can you talk to your boss about it. It is imperative that you respect your own rules. If you have decided that you will leave work at 5 p.m. sharp – and that’s what will give you the right balance – you should do exactly that. Remember, you are doing it for yourself! You must learn to manage your time. Many people feel overworked because they forget how to manage their time properly. Don’t try to do several things at once – focus on one task, do it well and then move on to the next task. Learn to say no. Refusing without guilt is not easy, but it pays huge dividends. It’s best to simply say “no”, briefly explaining your reasons for refusing and, if necessary, offer something else you can or would prefer to do. Develop your passions. Although it is at work that you spend the most time, you should also be able to “switch off”. That’s why it’s a good idea to develop passions.