Heidi Hauffe

Hello Everyone!
Pleased to meet you!

I am Heidi Hauffe, a zoologist and senior researcher and head of the Conservation Genetics Research Unit at the Fondazione E. Mach in Trento, Italy.

My research provides scientific support to wildlife managers to help halt the loss of genetic and species biodiversity, especially of alpine fauna. We also investigate the role of microbiota (gut flora or ‘microbiodiversity’) in the conservation status of endangered species. We develop and apply genetic tools to specific animal conservation issues, from amphibians and fish to game birds and large carnivores and are particularly specialized in the analysis of non-invasive samples, such as feathers and faecal pellets (‘environmental DNA’).

Gender issues are crucial in my work for management and recruiting (especially of young researchers), as well as for project aims and application of results. Hence, timely and expert updates are very important to me. The introductory course I took through the GEAcademy a few months ago was excellent and extremely informative (and interactive!), so I am looking forward to learning more advanced concepts and interacting with all of you!